My First Practice At Alga Norte

My First Practice At Alga Norte


  • Bring an appropriate swimsuit! (no board shorts, rash guards or skirts).
  • Visit the Team Store: All the equipment you need for your swimmer!
    • We are sponsored by Speedo and thus want all our swimmers wearing speedo gear
    • Password: nca (all lowercase)
  • Bring goggles! Your coach will give you your first NCA swim cap (latex, non-personalized)
  • Have your equipment labeled with your name and in a gear bag so it doesn’t get lost
    1. Kickboard
    2. Fins
    3. Snorkel (depending on group)
  • Be 5-10 minutes early to meet your new coach and new friends.
  • Be ready to work hard, have fun and have a great attitude!

Alga Norte Specifics

  • Key Card:
    • Set up and account at and email Sue Parnes, our team administrator (
    • Sue will inform the front desk
    • Do NOT let others in with your assigned key card
  • Parents sit on the opposite side of the bleachers – by instructional pool and bathrooms
  • Kids us bathrooms and outdoor showers close to the diving boards and field.

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